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  Lisa's Home Page
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Hi everyone! Welcome to my homepage!  I'm new at all this, so I'm having some friends help me set this whole thing up.  In fact, much of these first few attempts at html stuff might be entirely authored by someone else, so blame him for all the mistakes and broken links.  But soon I'll be doing my own updates on a regular basis, and I'll be adding pics of the kids, the dogs, the garden, the snowdrifts out by the barn, etc.  Please let me know if everything works ok, and what you like and dislike.
Many of these links might not work yet, as the whole process of learning this stuff involves building rough drafts, uploading them, seeing how they look, rebuilding the broken links, etc.

Please note; this 11 Meg of webspace is "free", but Tripod may put some advertisements on this page to help keep it free after I upload it.
The URL of this page is so please bookmark it!

Soon I'll try to put up pages of:                    
Photos The Twins Family Me School Cool WebSites
You can visit my other Home Page at FortuneCity <>

If you want to see an example of someone with too much time on his hands, go to Tim's Home Page.

Page created by timd, October 1998,  and will be maintained by Lisa 
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